How They Died And Their Legacy To The World

Dear Friends,

Lord Krishna, who lived around 5000 years ago, is said to have been 125 years old before he was killed. A hunter mistook Krishna for a deer when he shot him in his ankle with a poison arrow. After Krishna died, his spirit ascended to the heavenly paradise, as his sacred city Dvaraka sank deep below the surface of the ocean. According to one tradition, His death fulfills a curse by a Queen, who was a compassionate devotee of Krishna himself, but also the mother of another prince, who was killed in the battle narrated in the Bhagavad Gita. Hindu belief suggests that this story brings out the very important fact that, even for the Ruler of the Universe, the law of Karma remains the same. Hinduism originated and remains primarily a localized religion in India. There is a lot of deep spiritual truth in Hinduism, but if the law of Karma could not save Krishna, the Creator of the universe, how am I supposed to be sure that on my own I am ever going to reach perfect union with God? The Laws of Karma will never eliminate the misery of millions of Lower Cast citizens; a helpless situation that is well established and accepted in India to this day! Realistically, no one needs to feel the compassion to help them, because they are suffering their own wrongdoings!
The death of Siddhartha Gautama, who is better known as the Enlightened Buddha, is somewhat unclear. He lived around 2500 years ago. It is interesting to know that no written records about Buddha have been found from his lifetime or of centuries thereafter. The sources of information for the life of Buddha are a variety of different, and sometimes conflicting, traditional ancient biographies. One tradition has it that the Buddha died of old age, when he was eighty years old. It was suspected that his death was triggered by his old body’s reaction to accidental food poisoning. He died peacefully and mindfully. When he died, it is said that he told his disciples that they should follow no leader. The goal of Buddhism is to come to the end of suffering. Although, this may sound like the right path, to me it leaves two main obstacles: one is that the focus is mainly on myself, and secondly, the thought of reincarnation of the body may tempt me to enjoy what good I presently have, even though I may have gained my riches at the expense of or to the disadvantage to others, since I know I can make up for any shortfalls in my next life!
The death of the Prophet Mohammed, who lived around 1400 years ago, is recorded to have followed a two-year battle with purposely poisoned lamb that he ate. The story goes, that a Jewish woman gave the Prophet grilled lamb for a gift. Mohammed suspected that the lamb was poisoned, but he had already consumed a small piece. When the he asked the woman, “Why did you try to poison me?” She replied, “You have done to my (Jewish) people what you have done (systematic beheadings of the older boys and men, and slavery to the children and women – nothing new today!). You have killed my father, my uncle and my husband, so I said to myself, “If you are a true prophet, the lamb will inform you.” Mohammed died on the 8th of June, 632 AD at age 62 in the arms of his 18 year old youngest wife. According to one Muslim source, some of the last words that the Prophet spoke were to “Expel the Jews from the Arabia,” while another tradition says that he cursed the Jews and Christians. Although, Muslims worship Allah with extreme devotion and strict rituals, their faith lacks the spiritual understanding of God’s righteousness. The focus is mainly on the (Sharia) law, and the elimination of those that do not submit to Allah or his Prophet, which has resulted in millions upon millions of innocent deaths since the time of its establishment in the Arabian desert.
According to the Christian Gospel, Jesus Christ died at the probable age of 33 around 2000 years ago, from crucifixion, (hands and feet nailed to a wooden cross). His execution followed His last meal with His disciples – a spiritually sustaining meal that Christians celebrate to this day in remembrance of Him. His last words were: “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing”, (referring to all those – then and now – that betray and kill Him out of our hearts). In the midst of his excruciating suffering, the heart of Jesus was focused on others rather than himself. At the moment of His death we see the true nature of his love – unconditional and divine. Jesus’ legacy is one that focuses on humanity. By striving to live the same way Jesus lived, through His presence in me, the world can see clearly that I am not a threat to anyone. When, as true Christians, we dedicate our lives to helping those in need, regardless of race, culture or belief, and pray for those that we cannot reach, we automatically enter into the glory of God and thus reach our spiritual liberation.
Jesus said: “The glory you (God) gave to me (Jesus) I have given to them (us), that they (us) may be one just as we (God and Jesus) are one – I in them and you in me – that they may be completely one, so that the world will know that you sent me, and you have loved them just as you have loved me.”
With all due respect to all of you, I must say that in this time of trials and tribulations, of killing and carnage, of lies and deceptions, there is only one way – It is a glorious day when you can look inwards and identify who the real you is – you, who are made in the image of God!

How They Died And Their Legacy To The World

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