The Sign Of The Cross

Dear Friends,

The cross reminds Christians that God became incarnate in the flesh. Jesus was truly God’s manifestation on earth, who accepted the will to be crucified to redeem, (take away), the world of the evil of sin.
The sign of the cross, even without the figure of Jesus on it, is a source of much pain and grief to billions of people around the world.
It is a sign of deliverance from pain to those that love the cross and believe in its healing powers, even to the point of persecution and death.
To those that hate the cross, it is a sign of denial and grief to the point of wanting to kill those who find comfort in the cross.
The cross threatens those who have something to hide. The cross is a painful burden to those that throw stones at others, because they think they are perfect in the eyes of their God.
Jesus said: “The time is coming when those who kill you will think they are doing a holy service for God.”
How true is that comment in our time, and it is not just ISIS in Syria and Iraq that is fulfilling the prophecy of Jesus, but in many other countries with other religious beliefs, that are persecuting Christian believers and followers of Jesus Christ like never before in the story of man on earth!
Perhaps, this proves that it is easier to be bad than to be good, for to want to destroy what may prove to be good is to be on the path of evil and sin. To be good is to constantly watch what you do and say, which takes a lot of determination, self-examination and courage. Whereas, to be bad comes more naturally, as it carelessly involves only one main principal consideration – ‘What is in it for me – no one else matters!?’ This is basically the definition of SIN!
Below is a link to a three-part video series which, I pray, would lead any one of you who believes in, or is curious to know more about Jesus and the meaning of the Cross. (Each video is approximately 30 minutes)

The Sign Of The Cross

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